Climate Solar Solutions is an environmental friendly renewable energy company offering eco products, & solutions.

Our Latest Projects

We are an environmentally friendly renewable energy company offering a broad portfolio of technologies, products, & solutions to our clients globally

Venice, Ca Install

Climate Solar Solutions recently had the opportunity to install a 3.2kw solar system for our clients in Venice CA. This solar system is projected to save our client ~$31,000 over the life of the system and offset ~99.5% of the electrical demand from the utility! We’re grateful to be able to help this homeowner produce clean energy, save […]

3kw Culver City Install

Climate Solar has a solution for the needs of any homeowner. Whether your electricity demand is high or relatively low, we can help you save money. One of our recent clients opted to take advantage of our finance solution offered by Sungauge Financial. Specifically, this client decided to go with the 20 year financed option, […]

Harvesting the sun with an 11.52kw Ground Mount

Climate Solar Solutions designed and built this 11.52kw ground mount solar system to help offset our clients electricity bill from PG&E. As California continues to experience higher than normal heat waves, the spike in electrical demand leaves residents and business owners searching for better ways to generate electricity. This 11.52kw solar system will help our […]

BDP17 Residential Developers – Solar Energy

Marina Del Ray 6.2 kw

This 6.2kw solar array located in Marina Del Rey is slated to save Climate Solar’s customers over $66,000 + over the 25 year life of the system! Climate Solar designed this system utilizing top tier equipment. This includes Canadian Solar High Density modules and industry leading Enphase IQ7+ modules, making sure our clients get the […]

Solar Panels & Back-up Power Installation

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